contact us Can you think about a scenario, where a business, having 50 – 100 employees and the boss or HR is busy solving fights of employees for use meeting rooms?

How about wasting the productive hours in arranging meeting rooms? Many a times, scenario is there that one of the HR executive is busy arranging for the meeting room.

Present time is highly competitive and everybody wishes to start work soon. If not given a proper facility later on reasons for no work are really irritating for the managers.

To avoid all these issues fortunately there is an online system called BookitWise Meeting room booking system. It is an ultimate solution to manage the spaces available at the business premises to its optimum capacity. Along with this feature, it is best to allocate resources in the optimum way.

If the premise is huge, then none other than the conference room booking system is suitable for work. In this case, employees won’t be able to escape with the reason of unavailability. Many a times, even if the meeting rooms are empty they stay unnoticed because of huge premises. With a meeting room booking system all such problems can be avoided.

Above all, a centralized monitoring can be done to check the available resources, who is using them, what is the purpose of use, which makes the task of the manager really easy. Centralized monitoring itself makes a fair game for all in the office. This leaves no chance of disputes among the staff. Each and every information about the things going around in the office gets on your finger tip.

There is also a feature of immediate notification to the staff about the organized meeting as soon as the meeting room is booked through meeting room booking system. For booking a meeting room, the person who is booking the room has to provide details of the purpose of booking (no unnecessary use of the rooms), number of participants in the meeting. All the participants can get the details about the meeting and the person booking the conference room is saved of his time to separately inform all about the meeting.

A real time display of the booked meeting room is also there outside the meeting room. A spot cancellation of the meeting and immediate availability of room is also an important feature. Check out if you end the meeting early and it becomes available for new bookings. So days are gone, where employees are running around the premises with note pad and pen to reserve a meeting room. This maintains the professional environment in the company.

This software is also web based. A manager can book the room on the go and call for an immediate meeting as and when required. Customization of the software as per need can also be done.

So we can say that BookitWise meeting room booking system is not just to avoid scheduling problems, but an overall company management system with every detail of happening in the company in the hands of the owner.