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BookitWise – Mobile Room Booking

No need for download application at your device.

Book the rooms and resources even if you are roaming.

You can check your rooms at any device.

BookitWise is aimed at delivering the most effective way to manage your meeting rooms and resources.

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Latest Technology

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At RIW Software Technology AB we like to keep on top of the latest methods of communication, and that is why we will be offering a mobile application solution that allows you even greater access to your Bookitwise software.

Web Based System For Real Time Saving

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Bookitwise Mobile room booking is a real time web based system, with the brilliant outline and perspective it offering quick and easy results and available resources.

It gives graphical notification which is not difficult to follow and gives an initially picture of accessibility.

Far From the Work Place

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As Bookitwise is a web-based system which permitting an access from mobile phones to staff, for example, your marketing group who may be out and about, and making things simpler than any other time in the recent past.

No need to access to the computer and you can easily access to a cell phones can book rooms and related resources whenever they required.


Client Flexibility

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Bookitwise mobile room booking software might be utilized by different persons, manager or administrator can assign different priviledges to access the software.

You can allocate particular individuals to areas, they can send and get invites, and see what is continuously utilized when, and a great deal all the more furthermore.


Client can easily access their information and make changes as per their requirement with our easy-to-use web based online mobile based
conference room booking software

user friendly

User Friendly

Simple to utilize and intended for speedy get to, the Bookitwise Mobile is intended for customers who require fast get to at short perceive.

It lets customer while searching for the accessible meeting and conference space, or send invitation by cell telephone to the individuals who need them.

Users can access on go every details which are of importance, they need to take care of so as to help them to make their meeting simple, easier and give them peace of mind.

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Simple Planning

Bookitwise mobile room booking software provides diverse screen designs for included usability.

Each and every room has an apointed particular facilities and allocates resources like video conferences and catering services which gives more idea to our customers to book correct place for their meeting.


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security authentication

Usable and Secure

Bookitiwse stored all the information and data in a secure place and give access to those whom need to know.


All the information is been stored according to diiferent timeslots automatically and allows access by only protected https connection and a top-level security authentication.

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bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers